Meet our Summer Interns!

Say hello to our summer interns! We’ve got the biggest group to date – and we’re excited to have these students at Excel for the summer!

Shown from left to right:

Trent Rieder (UW-Milwaukee), Andrew Hahn (MSOE), Nathan Hess (MPTC), Alexander Blankenheim (Illinois Institute of Technology), Brian Jones (MSOE), Yunhui Jia (MSOE), Serena Vetter (MSOE), Laryn Brinkman (MSOE), Megan Van Den Berg (Dordt College), Cole Shurbert-Hetzel (UW-Platteville), Brendan Stoffel (UW-Platteville), Jenna Powers (MSOE), Troy Galligan (MPTC), Deanna Engelmeyer (MSOE), Devon Sanborn (UW-Platteville), and Zachary Allman (University of Iowa) who was on job-site at the time of the picture.


Excel recently hired photographer Tommy Sweeney out of Madison, WI to put together a collage of photos that represent what we do and the areas of expertise we work in to line the halls of our building. This collage of photos is featured in our main hallway and according to Sweeney, it is a narrative that evolves as one walks by. Take a look at this cool, new aspect of the Excel building, and learn about Tommy’s work and inspiration behind the photos. We love the style!

Tommy Sweeney

I am an artist living in Madison WI. I live right downtown near the Capitol. My studio is a short walk down to the shores of Lake Monona. It’s a pretty inspiring set up.

I am a self taught artist, and my work is generally an exploration of process and place- a natural fit with Excel. I’m interested in the story and feel of a place. Of how things were made. And who made them. I’m interested in the environment and community a company would choose to grow. How they connect. These subjects always inspire me.

There are two different walls – each with a distinct theme:

Shape and Surface

Kallie said “Make us a picture of everything we do.” Okay. I asked her what Excel did. “Everything.” She said.

I spent the summer and fall at all kinds of project sites. Each was completely different from the last. I was a kid in a candy store.

I knew the hallway wouldn’t really allow the image to be seen all at once. So I constructed it to have a narrative that would evolve as one walks by. The narrative had to work right to left, and left to right. I think of it as a movie more than a picture.

The Excel colors set the tone for the palette. There is hopefully something new in there every time you walk by.

Working Wall

Excel was even more enthusiastic about the people. The employees and partners. This is where things get done. So I spent the fall at the Excel construction site. Not the whole fall. Many two hour increments. Two hours is how long a construction crew will tolerate a photographer in their way before… well,  it’s just better to keep the sessions to a couple hours each.

After a while, they were giving me rides in the lifts for better shots! I knew once they started posing, I had better call it a wrap.

It takes a lot of people who are good at what they do to make just about anything happen. I hope there is a sense of this in the image. Because that is the image I keep with me.


My website is Nothing is for sale on the site, but I try to keep the latest and most favorite projects posted. This certainly has been one of them!

Tommy Sweeney


Enhancing School Security and Safety

The Oostburg School District (OSD), Axis Communications and Excel Technologies have been working closely together to enhance school security and safety for the campus in Oostburg, Wisconsin. Lucas Allen, IT Manager of OSD and Justin Neese (pictured), Technology Solutions Architect with Excel Technologies, worked with Steve Beaudry, Regional Sales Manager of Axis Communications to put together the current solution that is being implemented as well as options to continue to enhance the security of the campus. For today’s meeting, Steve brought the Axis Mobile Solutions Show Car which is very cool on its own, but also showcases their mobile solutions and is a great starting point when discussing the capabilities that Axis has in non-traditional camera installations.
Learn more about what our AV department, Excel Technologies, does here:

Excel Receives First Place CFSEI Award

A special shout out to our Cold Formed Steel department – they recently received the 2017 CFSEI Award for Design Excellence First Place Residential Project Award for their work on Collegetown Terrace in Ithaca, NY! The project was a five-story light gauge load bearing structure. Excel designed the floor and roof cold formed joists, load bearing light gauge walls and stability system for the building. The project itself is located just outside of Cornell University and included dorm style rooms, studios, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, with a total of 247 units and 344 bedrooms. In addition, Excel completed similar projects for buildings 4, 5, and 6 on the same site. Greg Wilkum accepted the award for this project and also presented at the awards conference. He was also assisted by Andy Seibel and Deb Deere. Congratulations! Learn more about our Cold Formed Steel department here: