Women in Construction – Meet KC and Jamie

Having completed projects in all 50 states, Excel has become an industry leader in Cold-Formed Steel Framing Design, specializing in providing engineering, BIM consulting and prefabrication submittals to our clients in this industry. Our cold-formed framing department is comprised of engineers, designers and technicians, totaling 42 employees, 12 of which are women – and today we’d like to introduce you to two of those women…

Two of the senior members of the team are K.C. Belsma and Jamie John.

K.C. Belsma, Senior Designer I

  • Nearly 24 years with Excel
  • University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
  • Spotlight Projects:
    • International Market Place – Honolulu, Hawaii
    • Tobin Center for the Performing Arts – San Antonio, Texas
    • IOC Casino – Girardeau, Missouri

K.C. is a Health and Fitness lover and enjoys outdoor fun including Camping, Motorcycling, ATVing, Hiking and planning for the next Adventure with her Hubby and Fur-Baby.

“As a Little Girl, I would spend hours out in the garage with my Dad.  A hammer, nails, and a block of wood kept me occupied.  I even had my own tool box!  The time spent hammering nails lead me to pursue a career in the Building Construction Industry.  As the only girl for nearly nine years at Excel, I had no problem adjusting to a Male-dominated workplace.  I was just one of the Guys.”

Jamie John, Senior Designer II

  • Nearly 9 years with Excel
  • Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • Spotlight Projects:
    • University of Arkansas Razorback Stadium Renovation – Fayetteville, Arkansas
    • Arizona State University Student Housing, Palo Verde Main – Tempe, Arizona
    • Dallas Cowboys Headquarters South Plaza Pylons – Frisco, Texas

Jamie lives for her family; above all things, she is a daughter, sister, wife and mother of two boys (three, if you include her floppy-eared, four-legged first born).  She is very detail oriented and has a passion for event planning.  There is no theme too big or event too small, whatever the occasion, Jamie loves to host a great party.

“I made up my mind as a young girl that I wanted to work in the construction industry. I have always been encouraged to set the bar high and do what it takes to meet my goals. I am proud to be part of the generation that changes the stereotypical image of an engineer.  I am not a man, I am not an introvert, I am not quiet or timid.  I am motivated, energetic, and social, and I am a woman.”

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