Lang Commercial Office – Oshkosh, WI

Check out these great photos from Shift Media House of the new Lang Commercial Office project in Oshkosh, WI! Construction was completed in 2017 of this approximate 8,000 sq. ft. trendy facility, which was planned for two separate phases. Phase one included the modification of an existing industrial welding facility and adding in a complete 2nd floor system to make use of the overall building’s high fa├žade. The existing 20-ton crane was kept in place to maintain the industrial feel and add some visual interest to the interior. Phase two was completed in early 2019 of the approximate 2,800 sq. ft. area where the existing garage space of the welding facility was completed. The interior consisted of significant collaboration between our interior design group and the Owner to maintain some of the existing features such as the old brick, beams and tongue and groove ceilings.

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